Aqua Disinfect

a division of Aqua Service Company

About Aqua Disinfect

Aqua Disinfect, a branch of Aqua Service Company, was created specifically to service the healthcare community in combating hospital acquired infections (HAI) as well as Legionella disease. This has also led to an expansion into many other market segments which find themselves with similar problems of bacteria control, biomass buildup in piping and equipment and the potential of Legionella hazards.

Aqua Disinfect is intent on becoming the leading chlorine dioxide and ozone supplier in the Midwest by supplying a skilled service approach using cutting edge technology and these core services:

  • Strategic partnership with the manufacturers of the most advanced chlorine dioxide and ozone generators available today.
  • Review, testing and analysis of the bacteria problems.
  • Solution recommendations with detailed drawings and specifications.
  • A fleet of trailer mounted mobile chlorine dioxide generators available to travel to any location within the continental U.S.
  • Portable ozone generator service to for immediate response to cleanup of odor and bacteria problems.
  • Service technicians skilled in the application and process of chlorine dioxide and ozone disinfection and the setup and monitoring of its use in each application. Also trained in compliance with the OSHA safety requirements and EPA regulations.
  • Electronic monitoring of the generating equipment and the resulting bacteria kill.

Aqua Disinfects client segments consist of:

  • Commercial (Office, Retail, Shopping Centers)
  • Institutional Buildings (Libraries, Museums, Sport facilities, Public, Airports, Prisons)
  • Educational Buildings (College & University campuses, Grade & High schools, Trade schools)
  • Healthcare Buildings(Hospitals, Surgical, Dental, Emergency)
  • Housing (Senior, High-rise multifamily)
  • Municipal ( Water treatment facilities, Central cooling & heating systems)
  • Industrial (Food, Beverage, Poultry & Beef, Pulp & Paper, Ethanol, Oil drilling)