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  • Sanitization

Case Studies


Brewing beer is a complicated process combining craft and science with 91% to 97% water. The importance of water quality cannot be overstated and is the reason why great breweries have always been located in the proximity of excellent profiled water.
Aqua Service understands water quality and will design a water treatment system tailored to the needs of the modern microbrewery. To supply the brewmaster with the highest quality of raw material upon which he can perform his craft, Aqua Service will look to meet the following objectives:

  1. Reduce the TDS and chloride concentrations from the raw water to acceptable levels.
  2. Reduce the pH to enable precise pH control of the treated water prior to brewing.
  3. Provide low TDS permeate as make-up water for cleaning solutions. Acid and alkali cleaners are much more effective if mixed with low TDS water. “Beerstone” and other mineral deposits can be very difficult to remove.

Engineered Unique Designs for Clients

Aqua Service Company designs water treatment systems to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our ability to precisely analyze water samples and evaluate mechanical issues allows us to custom-design products and treatment programs based on those analyses. We utilize the most technologically advanced monitoring systems available, while providing on-site testing and analysis to maintain peak performance in the ever-changing environments of water treatment systems.

Preventative Maintenance Service – To Prevent Breakdowns

Maintenance is the key to the reliable operation of your water treatment equipment and will extend its useful life. Our Preventative Maintenance Service (PM) is the on-site inspection, detection and correction of potential malfunctions before they occur in your equipment. This includes the analysis, measurement, adjustments and if needed, parts replacement. Preventative Maintenance is the best insurance to prevent equipment malfunctions and increase the equipment ROI.

Water Recovery – Saving the Environment

Depleting reservoirs and groundwater can put water supplies, human health, and the environment at serious risk. Lower water levels can contribute to higher concentrations of natural or human pollutants. Using water more efficiently helps maintain supplies at safe levels, protecting human health and the environment.