Educational Facilities


  • Pretreatment
  • Boiler feedwater
  • Non-chemical cooling tower water treatment
  • Bacteria control
  • Laboratory water
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Increase lifespan of equipment

Educational Facilities

Universities and K-12 facilities have extensive water treatment needs over a wide variety of applications. Aqua Service will properly address each of those areas with an efficient, practical solution. The benefits include:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Extends the life of the equipment
  • Food service equipment protection
  • Ultra-pure laboratory water
  • Laundry energy conservation and infection control

Return On Investment (ROI)

Water treatment systems are often selected on the basis of projected ROI and evaluated in terms of achieved ROI. And in today’s economic climate no business can afford to make any investment if it doesn’t deliver solid business benefits. Aqua Service understands this and works with the client to meet their needs, whether it’s service and repair of the existing equipment or installation of new equipment.

Green Buildings

Green building is not a simple development trend; it is an approach to building suited to the demands of its time, whose relevance and importance will only continue to increase. The benefits to green building are manifold, and may be categorized along three fronts: environmental, economic, and social.

Water Recovery – Saving the Environment

Depleting reservoirs and groundwater can put water supplies, human health, and the environment at serious risk. Lower water levels can contribute to higher concentrations of natural or human pollutants. Using water more efficiently helps maintain supplies at safe levels, protecting human health and the environment.