The engineering service for your filtration system, water softener, deionizer/demineralizer, or dealkalizer involves:

  • A professional field evaluation of your system by our experienced staff
  • A repair/replace/retrofit recommendation
  • Detailed CAD drawings of the recommendations for review

Engineering Services

Aqua Service provides engineering services for water treatment systems used in industrial, commercial and municipal applications. Aqua Service will evaluate your equipment and offer repair/replace/retrofit recommendations on any water treatment system by any manufacturer.

Aqua Service has over 48 years service experience and vast technical knowledge on many different types of equipment and systems.

Aqua Service work will maximize your current investment and reduce your total cost of ownership. For example, if parts of your system can be re-used, such as your tanks, Aqua Service may recommend retrofitting your equipment. Aqua Service may recommend a different media that will be more effective. If the equipment is past its useful life, a recommendation to replace the system with an efficient new one can be cost-effective in the long run.