Aqua Service uses industrial vacuum trucks and is now capable of taking on industrial applications involving the heaviest of filter medias.

Media Re-bed Services

Aqua Service is provides complete media re-bedding services for water treatment equipment used in commercial and industrial applications.

Aqua Service has been re-bedding ion exchange equipment – softeners, dealkalizers, demineralizers and filters – carbon, multi-media, of all sizes and configurations on a turnkey basis since 1963. The service provides all filter media, carbon or ion exchange resin as well as the staff and equipment necessary to remove and install including arranging for disposal of the used media.

Factory Trained Service Crews

Using OSHA certified, factory trained service crews Aqua Service can do a complete inspection of your vessel and vessel internals. All service techs are backed up by knowledgeable and experienced factory engineers should the vessel need repair or replacement. Aqua Service has access to every line of laterals and distributors and is capable of matching other styles using a variety of materials.