Treatment system:

  1. Multimedia Filtration
  2. Softening
  3. 5 Micron Filtration
  4. Chlorine/Chloramines Reduction
  5. Reverse Osmosis
  6. Disinfection
  7. UV TOC reduction
  8. EDI
  9. Mixed Bed Deionizers
  10. Polishing UV TOC Reduction
  11. Heat Exchanger
  12. Polishing Mixed Bed Deionizers
  13. UV Disinfection
  14. Ultrafiltration

Case Studies


Reduction of trace organics and microbial contamination

The water demands of the microelectronics industry are very exacting and often require multiple steps of treatment to generate, from raw incoming city water, a final product of water which is free of microorganisms and chemical compounds.

New technology advancements require rapid implementation without compromise of quality. Aqua Service understands that your processes are unique and we work to assure that our solutions are specific to your requirements. Often working with Aquafine’s water professionals, Aqua Service will design and construct an ultrapure water system, using the Aquafine UV technology combined with ozone generators. The Aquafine UV systems commonly perform four functions in producing pure water: microbial disinfection, TOC reduction, ozone destruction and chlorine and chloramines reduction. UV combined with ozone provides an enhanced synergistic approach to reduce trace organics and microbial contamination for ultrapure water.

Corrective Maintenance Service – When Immediate Action is needed

Aqua Service is known for expert service and we pride ourselves in helping the client get the most value from your water treatment equipment investment.  When equipment is not operating in the normal range, our service technician will analyze the condition, detail the corrective action, maintenance requirements and potential complications if left unrepaired. Our factory-trained technicians furnish the parts and perform the repairs. Our central location allows us to schedule service and repairs when you need them.

Preventative Maintenance Service – To Prevent Breakdowns

Maintenance is the key to the reliable operation of your water treatment equipment and will extend its useful life. Our Preventative Maintenance Service (PM) is the on-site inspection, detection and correction of potential malfunctions before they occur in your equipment. This includes the analysis, measurement, adjustments and if needed, parts replacement. Preventative Maintenance is the best insurance to prevent equipment malfunctions and increase the equipment ROI.

Digital Electronics and Advanced Data Communications

Technological advancements in process monitoring, control and automation over the past decades have contributed greatly to improve the productivity of virtually all industries throughout the world. In this era of digital buses, one can plug in a laptop or use a wireless hand tool to instantly establish access to all the data, displays and intelligence that resides anywhere on the DCS network. This capability, in combination with the self-tuning, self-diagnosing and optimizing features of modern process control is the future of Aqua Service.