• Pretreatment
  • Process water
  • Infection Control
  • Sanitization
  • Ultra pure water
  • Clean in place


Reducing operating costs without compromising quality

The pharmaceutical industry is serviced by many of the largest water treatment equipment designers and manufactures in the world, such as GE-Water, Siemens, Spirax Sarco, Veolia Water and Rotek. Since pharmaceutical production facilities must operate under the strictest of regulatory requirements, the selection of a service company to maintain the water treatment equipment is taken very seriously.

With the support of Aqua Service’s team of trained service technicians, these larger design and equipment firms are able to service companies in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. With 24 hour on-site call capability and close communication with the equipment designers, the Aqua Service team is an extension of the largest firms.

In addition and separate from the ultrapure product water, Aqua Service manages and services the facility equipment water such as boilers, cooling towers, and general pretreatment and reverse osmosis equipment care.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

The Aqua Service QA/QC is keystone to our 50 years of business.

  • The Quality Assurance Plan is a systematic set of activities which provide confidence that requirements are properly established and products and services conform to specified requirements.
  • The Quality Control Plan is our process by which product and service quality is compared with applicable standards; and the action taken when nonconformance is detected.

Corrective Maintenance Service – When Immediate Action is needed

Aqua Service is known for expert service and we pride ourselves in helping the client get the most value from your water treatment equipment investment.  When equipment is not operating in the normal range, our service technician will analyze the condition, detail the corrective action, maintenance requirements and potential complications if left unrepaired. Our factory-trained technicians furnish the parts and perform the repairs. Our central location allows us to schedule service and repairs when you need them.

Preventative Maintenance Service – To Prevent Breakdowns

Maintenance is the key to the reliable operation of your water treatment equipment and will extend its useful life. Our Preventative Maintenance Service (PM) is the on-site inspection, detection and correction of potential malfunctions before they occur in your equipment. This includes the analysis, measurement, adjustments and if needed, parts replacement. Preventative Maintenance is the best insurance to prevent equipment malfunctions and increase the equipment ROI.