Preventative maintenance of your water treatment system should do exactly that - prevent problems. Aqua Service PM service can provide these benefits:

  • Prevent unforeseen failures
  • Reduce costly emergency repairs
  • Reduce the high cost of production shutdowns due to water treatment system failures
  • Priority Service PM customers are given special consideration for service scheduling and discounts on replacement parts

Preventative Maintenance Service (PM)

Preventative Maintenance Service (PM) is our on-site inspection, detection and correction of potential malfunctions before they occur in your equipment. This includes analysis, measurements, adjustments and parts replacement if necessary. Preventative Maintenance is your best insurance to prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your equipment.

Aqua Service Preventive Maintenance Service Options

Aqua Service PM service helps you avoid problems by putting your water treating equipment on a regular service schedule.

  • Monthly, quarterly or other periodic visits contracts
  • Preventive maintenance for equipment manufactured by any water treatment equipment provider

Aqua Service preventive maintenance service typically include:

Replacement of all expendables including:

  • Filters Cartridges
  • UV Bulbs
  • Filtration Media
  • Feed water chemistries – Test and Record
  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Hardness
  • Conductivity
  • Reverse Osmosis System
  • Check and log RO rejection
  • Monitor pump operation
  • Calibration
  • Mechanical checks on all equipment and components

In the course of providing ongoing preventive maintenance, we can also provide additional insight for troubleshooting and upgrading your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement – Sample copy PDF of PM Agreement

Parts and Service Agreement – Part and Service Agreement is a fixed cost for the repair of water treatment equipment covering both parts and labor during a specified time duration, usually 1 to 5 years.