Surgical Center


  • Bacteria control
  • Boiler make-up water
  • Humidification
  • Cooling tower

Surgical Center

Ambulatory surgery centers also known as outpatient surgery centers or same day surgery centers, are health care facilities where surgical procedures not requiring an overnight hospital stay are performed. Such surgery is commonly less complicated than that requiring hospitalization.

An ambulatory surgery centers, sometimes called surgicenter, specializes in providing surgery, including certain pain management and diagnostic (e.g., colonoscopy) services in an outpatient setting. Overall, the services provided can be generally called procedures. In simple terms, surgicenter-qualified procedures can be considered procedures that are more intensive than those done in the average doctor’s office but not so intensive as to require a hospital stay. An ambulatory surgery center and a specialty hospital often provide similar facilities and support similar types of procedures.

Many facilities use part-time remote building engineers that make periodic visits to review equipment and check for proper operation. Aqua Service Company provides a service of planned visits to test and review the operation of all of the water treatment equipment in a facility. This is the Preventative Maintenance Service which also uses advanced digital electronics to communicate to the Aqua Service office equipment operations.

Digital Electronics and Advanced Data Communications

Technological advancements in process monitoring, control and automation over the past decades have contributed greatly to improve the productivity of virtually all industries throughout the world. In this era of digital buses, one can plug in a laptop or use a wireless hand tool to instantly establish access to all the data, displays and intelligence that resides anywhere on the DCS network. This capability, in combination with the self-tuning, self-diagnosing and optimizing features of modern process control is the future of Aqua Service.

Preventative Maintenance Service – To Prevent Breakdowns

Maintenance is the key to the reliable operation of your water treatment equipment and will extend its useful life. Our Preventative Maintenance Service (PM) is the on-site inspection, detection and correction of potential malfunctions before they occur in your equipment. This includes the analysis, measurement, adjustments and if needed, parts replacement. Preventative Maintenance is the best insurance to prevent equipment malfunctions and increase the equipment ROI.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

The Aqua Service QA/QC is keystone to our 50 years of business.

The Quality Assurance Plan is a systematic set of activities which provide confidence that requirements are properly established and products and services conform to specified requirements.

The Quality Control Plan is our process by which product and service quality is compared with applicable standards; and the action taken when nonconformance is detected.